Stopping the Silent Invasion
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What's This?

Coordinating Group on Alien Pest Species (CGAPS)

Formed in 1995, the CGAPS partnership is comprised primarily of management-level staff from every major agency and organization involved in invasive species work, including federal, state, county and private entities. Members participate in quarterly meetings and ad hoc steering committee meetings in an effort to influence policy and funding decisions, improve communications, increase collaborations, and to promote public awareness.

CGAPS progress includes:
  • Launching the 1997 Silent Invasion Campaign which included television commercials and specials, print ads, dramatic pamphlets, and community weed pulling trips for Operation Miconia
  • Facilitating the formation of the Invasive Species Committees (ISCs)-- grassroots partnerships on each island that function as early detection and rapid response teams.
  • Working with legislators to write and introduce new legislation, and providing policymakers with information for decision making.
  • Publishing an updated Summary of Findings (February 2003).
  • Continuing to facilitate communication and cooperation among agencies.
  • Embarking on a new Silent Invasion campaign, which will again include television, print media and direct public outreach by staff.

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