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Even though it is illegal to import or possess snakes and piranha in Hawaii, there are a few bad apples that smuggle them in, where they may be set free or escape. Do you know who to call if you see a snake?? The hotline is 643-PEST (643-7378, direct dial on any island). It's also the amnesty line, where you can surrender illegal pets without questions or fear of prosecution. Here's a handy jingle Wikipedia information about MP3s  featuring Frank DeLima to help you remember who to call whenever you see a snake or other suspicious creature.

This PSA may be used free of copyright for educational purposes, and you are welcome to download the mp3. This project was funded by the Hawaii Invasive Species Council. If WIndows Media Player is your default player and you have problems with the download, try this link to play the jingle.

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  • Brown tree snake PSA
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  • Frank DeLima sings: Call 643-PEST

Codes of conduct for plant lovers

The plant industry organizations that have signed voluntary Codes of Conduct are the Oahu Nursery Growers Association (ONGA), the Kauai Landscape Industry Council (KLIC), Hawaii Island Landscape Association (HILA), Maui Association of Landscape Professionals (MALP), Wal-Mart Garden Marts of Hawaii, National Tropical Botanical Garden, Lyon Arboretum, and the Waimea Valley Audubon Center. (Note: all files are PDFs.)

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