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Molokai Invasive Species Committee (MoMISC)

About MoMISC

The Molokai subcommittee of the Maui Invasive Species Committee (MoMISC) is a partnership of private, government and non-profit organizations whose mission is to prevent new pest species from becoming established on Molokai. The focus of the Molokai subcommittee is to prevent and control incipient pest infestations through local communication, coordination and planning. This group is concerned with invasive plant and animal species that threaten native ecosystems, agriculture, industry, human health, or the quality of life on Molokai. The group measures progress in terms of pest infestations prevented, contained or eradicated. The subcommittee is not a regulatory or enforcement entity, but will look for solutions to alien pest control within the framework of government laws. This group is a subcommittee of MISC and collaborates with MISC on issues such as setting pest prevention priorities, measuring progress, and funding.

MoMISC meetings

MoMISC holds regular public meetings. For more information about the next MoMISC meeting, contact Lori Buchanan at 808-553-5236 (Molokai), or via e-mail at MoMISC meeting agenda and notes are posted online.

MoMISC administrative products

The following documents are in PDF format and can be read with Adobe Reader.

MoMISC's draft FY2002 action plan identifies project needs, target species, and methods for control. For more information, contact Lori Buchanan at (808) 553-5236 (Molokai), or via e-mail at

MoMISC public outreach products

  • Target species flyers
    Read, print, distribute, and spread the word to help MoMISC keep Molokai free of invasive plants and animals.
  • Invasive Species Currently on Molokai brochure provides information on how you can help control invasives already on Molokai.
  • Stop the Spread brochure descibes invasive species found on other islands but are not yet on Molokai. Learn more about how you can help prevent these pests from invading Molokai.

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MoMISC staff welcome your questions, comments, and participation. Please see MoMISC contact information.

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