Stopping the Silent Invasion
Report a Pest: 643-PEST
Call the Pest Hotline to report invasive pests.
What's This?

Oahu Invasive Species Committee (OISC)

Public outreach

OISC's outreach program raises public awareness about invasive species through school and community presentations, educational materials, and volunteer activities.

Would you like OISC to give an invasive species presentation to your school or community group? Call the OISC Outreach Specialist at 266-7994 or email

If you are interested in volunteer trips for a school, community group, club, or as an individual, email or call 266-7994. Check out the OISC volunteer blog for information about service trips.

Targeted plants and animals in your area

These fliers (pdfs) provide a summary of invasive plants and animals targeted by OISC in your area.

What to plant and what not to plant?

Which plants are harmful? See Oahu Early Detection project's guide "What NOT to Plant".

Use native Hawaiian plants in your garden and for landscaping. Check out the native plant nursery Hui Ku Maoli Ola's catalog for a variety of choices.

Not sure if your plants are invasive? Use the Hawaii Weed Risk Assessment to check how your plants are ranked for risk of invasiveness.

OISC informational brochures

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